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Modern Shinmungo

Made in collaboration with Hyobin Jung, Jaemyung Lee, and Alan Ambrose. The Modern Shinmungo was part of an exhibition at the Seoul Design Foundation in April 2012.


Photo by Alan Ambrose.

This audiovisual installation is a reinterpretation of the Shinmungo, a huge drum that King Taejong of Korea installed in front of his palace in 1401. Commoners could use the drum to request an audience with the king in order to voice grievances. This contemporary version uses the drum as an interface to control sound and video projection voicing the user's complaints.

Inspiration sketch by Jaemyung Lee.


Alan and Jaemyung work on the stand for the drum interface. Photo by Hyobin Jung.


My Jitter patch for controlling audio and video feeds using the drum.


Before the exhibition. Photo by Alan Ambrose.

photo 2

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